When you feel like donuts… 

When you feel like donuts… 🍩

If you want achieve longevity in business, you need brand awareness. Brand awareness is the result of brand recognition. It’s the secret sugar that transforms your business into the household name in your industry.

Brand awareness and brand recognition are often used as the same term. But there are key differences between the two. Brand recognition is how your audience recognise your brand. A good brand recognition strategy involves colour schemes, logos, visual elements, and a tone of voice that your customers can link to your brand instantly. For example, red and yellow, McDonalds. Old man with white hair, KFC. 3 stripes, Adidas. George Clooney, Nespresso.

Brand awareness on the other hand is about building a connection between your business, and your customer. Rather than just knowing what your brand does, or being able to identify you from your logo, your “brand aware” customers will instantly know that your product is the best solution to the problem. You feel like donuts… you know the best donuts are Krispy Kreme. They lead the pack, they are the first that come to mind. They are linked to donuts as the leader, without any logo, colour or visual representation.

Brand awareness is about pinpointing what makes your business different and using those differences to show the value of your business. Recognition highlights your unique aspects, awareness focuses on the heart of your business, everything that comes together to convince your customers to choose you over anyone else.